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Topic subjectBEAUTIFUL day today...dipped from work early
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2332535, BEAUTIFUL day today...dipped from work early
Posted by Orbit_Established, Fri May-30-14 12:58 PM

Fridays turn into random errand days, so I'm reading
e-mails/texts from Bombastic, paying my bills, talking
to my fam about this and that

Planning a run home to NY soon to help my brother move to

>A Korean girl gave me her digits yesterday, but she's going
>out of town for 2 weeks, shit's kinda wack. I'll wait and see
>what happens though when she's back.

Dipping out from the job site early, finna relax, have
some hummus

Meeting female later who has very comfortable furniture
in her home....perhaps we will go to see a motion picture

Downtown Boston, holla at your boy