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Topic subjectWow. That is plain fabulous. Larry is that guy
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2280475, Wow. That is plain fabulous. Larry is that guy
Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Dec-24-13 06:13 PM
>grew up poor
>lost his pops early
>punched niggas in the face
>and talked shit
>Well, Im pretty bullish on Lance Stephenson. If hes going
>to be what I think hes going to be I already know Paul
>(George) is going to be there maybe its just two. I think
>the kids got a chance to be very special. And I think Pauls
>going to be special. And weve got the money to go fill out
>this team and be very competitive in this league.
>that's why hood cats fux with The Legend.
>that's 3 years ago this february.


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