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Topic subjectHe's worth a ton. He's the anti-Rudy Gay
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2280006, He's worth a ton. He's the anti-Rudy Gay
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon Dec-23-13 11:35 AM

He's not a Joe Johnson/Rudy Gay who were given mega contracts
on skill set and upside, not because of team productivity

BR is valued because he thrives playing in a TEAM and plays
5 different roles in 5 different days for his team

You can play winning basketball with him

He can score on and off the ball, can dominate
a game scoring 20 points or 5 points

And his offensive game is still IMPROVING...he's spent
his early years honing his actual IQ, all around game

Stuff like his jumper will come (its already improving)

He can spell your point guard, can lead a second team
offensively, is small but can disrupt many 3s on the
wing defensively

He's a serious motherfucking basketball player

>He's all jut says he's coming back-- would he do it for 6-8
>million? Seems like the smart move cause it's the perfect
>Someone's sure to offer more just to hate- maybe someone
>copies moreys poison pill.
>He's the perfect type of player the Knicks would sign if they
>had space and try to make him the #1 player.
>Him and chandler parsons will make this offseason interesting


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