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Topic subjectyou already saw the numbers, now you're running from them
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2189079, you already saw the numbers, now you're running from them
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri May-31-13 01:01 PM
let me ask you this, who has gone at lebron harder? the guy who fouled out in less than 30 minutes and was on him while he ate the pacers' soul last night, or the guy who went head up with him in games 1 and 2, sending one to OT and winning the other? the guy who is essentially a common player with some upside or the all-nba selection that lebron is going out of his way to praise?

you're losing on all sides, man. pg is about to be that dude, lebron knows it, he's been better on bron than born flummoxed, melo is overrated and not even on the same planet as lebron and you should spend less time on fan fiction about another in a series of forgettable nyc products.