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Topic subjectBR's great plays were mental. PG's great plays were physical.
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2185422, BR's great plays were mental. PG's great plays were physical.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu May-23-13 06:42 AM

PG was just long and flexible and athletic. That's what
he did well.

He made the dumbest plays of the game, though. Like, by
far. And he lost the game by himself.

Born Ready kept coming up in the announcers chat because
they kept noticing little dope shit he was doing.

The real big play for Indiana was the Augustin 3, and that was 99%
Born Ready

And Born Ready was crashing the glass, giving full effort.

Y'all fucked up here....y'all should have just let this go...
...y'all decided to shit on Born Ready in a 12 rebound game

He outrebounded EVERYONE with hustle and selflessness...from


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