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Topic subjectThat was a 2003 AOL Sports Board caliber double standard.
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2183244, That was a 2003 AOL Sports Board caliber double standard.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon May-20-13 07:13 AM

I'm honestly disrespected and am close to demanding
an apology.

If you wanna say George is good, I'll join you.

If you wanna shit on Carmelo because he's not as good
as Lebron, then you're by yourself.

But don't disrespect the technique. Look at what you
just did here:

-When Carmelo is pulling his dick out and pissing
all over George, as he was the whole game, "Carmelo
just got hot."

You say this in an attempt to diminish the role of
Carmelo's goodness in the performance. Its not that George
couldn't stop Carmelo (which he couldn't). Carmelo just had
a random case of the hots.

When Carmelo goes cold in the 4th, however, "Carmelo got
locked down by George."

So when Carmelo is pissing on George, Carmelo "just got hot."

When Carmelo was not, he got "locked down by George."

So the role of Carmelo's goodness is mitigated. The role of
George's goodness is elevated.

Just stop.

Even stranger: the pivotal play of the game happened when Carmelo
blew past his defender (forgot who) and got blocked at the rim

George was almost completely irrelevant in that game versus
Carmelo. Carmelo basically did what he wanted. IF YOU HINGE
your agenda on George being able to stop Carmelo, then game 6
was a huge dent. You'd better backtrack and shift to George
being a crafty, clever ball handler and intangible wizard. He
shot horribly, made poor decisions with the ball and got burned
by Carmelo in Game 6. Plus, the team leader in their darkest
hour was BORN READY.

And this is a BORN READY post.