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Topic subjectO_E has the biggest playoff W, easily. And I recommend new toothpaste.
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2183165, O_E has the biggest playoff W, easily. And I recommend new toothpaste.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun May-19-13 08:11 PM

The Philly shitty cheese breath is especially bad on Sunday after
all the weekend dick y'all been sucking + cheap whiskey

Please, we don't want to scare away the customers + get a
bad rating on Yelp

We do well in this Orbit_Establishment. Classiness.
Respect. Wisdom. Fairness.

We are, however, open-minded. Iverson is actually homeless
after being ruined by Carmelo Anthony (The Nuggets got better
the instant Iverson left) and Andrew Bynum has ruined your
current regime

: - (

In no fewer than 10 words, no more than 25: what can I
do to help?

I mean, not only did I get the W, I undermined the Paul
George agenda completely because Born Ready was the
leader and Alpha Dog for the winning team in the clincher.
He turned agenda George into a role player (which he did
fabulously well)

You remind me, though, its Sunday and I didn't paypal
Iverson his diaper money...FUCK

>This post was well done & deserves your love.

Yeah, I got the W of this playoffs


>It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and TMac is sniffing at a Finals

Kobe's 2005 Laker team is what T-Mac had in Orlando all them
years, but we knew that

>Accentuate the positive.



O_E: "Acts like an asshole and posts with imperial disdain"

"I ORBITs the solar system, listenin..."

(C)Keith Murray, "