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Topic subjectOk, your issue is upside. I can see that, BUT he a Django
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2172082, Ok, your issue is upside. I can see that, BUT he a Django
Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Apr-30-13 04:50 PM
>but he's an ol' aaron mckie ass bamma. cavs need impact.

Django = often dark skinned, not nice people who can score
their ass off and work HARD on their games

As if people didn't think Ron Ron would be a doofy bamma
in the NBA. They sure did. WRONG.

BR good for 15-5-5 next year; he'll be efficient, he'll
defend his ass off...watch. +/- will be great AGAIN because
he's SMART

Just like how Klay's lightskinnedness breeds a confidence
that the world is great and his shots will fall and they

Born Ready practices like the other team bought Kerry Washington

The Artest comparisons are real, he's barking at veterans
in practice for not hustling and everything ALREADY


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