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Topic subjectThe Born Ready post
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2171936, The Born Ready post
Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Apr-30-13 12:03 PM

There hasn't been a post dedicated to Lance Stephenson.

This is a bit late, but we need one

Not sure if this qualifies as me claiming stock or
having agenda priority...it probably does, let me
think about this. If you're mad, you should have made
the post first.

He's pretty much a lock for Most Improved Player
next season

He's loved by analytics people because of his +/- which
for a while was completely absurd

He's a backcourt Artest minus the crazies. He's not
quite the defender that Artest was but is a bit ahead
of where Artest was offensively

He's like JR Rider, but doesn't gun quite that much and
wants you to lose too much to devolve into a weed head
or an alcoholic. That's right: he doesn't want to win.
Born Ready wants YOU TO LOSE. Its fantastic.

He's like a better, more skilled Deshawn Stevenson, which
should automatically make you a fan. D. Stevenson's had a
great career just because he's mean, can hit a three and
antagonize on defense. Imagine what Born Ready will do.

He's shockingly unselfish. Everyone knew he was good. Everybody
thought he'd be a chucker. And he is sometimes. But not nearly
as much as people thought. He passes and crashes the glass.

He's from Brooklyn. He pretty much cancels out Sebastian
Telfair's problems and reinvigorates the myth that New York
produces cold-blooded killers on the court.


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