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Topic subjecteverything, every single thing, went wrong
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2217059, everything, every single thing, went wrong
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Aug-08-13 08:24 AM
- your pound for pound best player hurt himself and missed a month, with the injury having been worsened by your delayed response to it.
- your 4th starter goes down early
- your new 5th starter is just awful
- your former golden glove 3B can't field to save his life
- you hitched your wagon to an iffy 2B way too long
- you emasculated your former closer past the point of repair
- and, most importantly, you deliberately raised the stakes unapologetically high.

Honestly this is probably over reacting but at this point I like about 6 guys on this team; the 3 starting pitchers worth a damn, Bryce, Desmond, and Werth. EVERYONE else you should listen to an offer for if the phone rings.