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Topic subjectCollege hoops: BostonCollege @ Maryland
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2117712, College hoops: BostonCollege @ Maryland
Posted by Beezo, Tue Jan-22-13 09:13 PM
Maryland switches the starting lineup AGAIN. Let's see if they can get some consistency after that pathetic performance against the Tarheels.
2117730, wake just gave nc state that work
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Jan-22-13 09:28 PM
i couldnt believe my eyes watching the second half.
2117743, Oh! Those boys are up and down like a yo yo
Posted by Beezo, Tue Jan-22-13 09:50 PM
2117742, BC has 3 balled their way to a tie with 5 left in the first
Posted by Beezo, Tue Jan-22-13 09:43 PM
2117755, We're getting absolutely nothing from Faust
Posted by Beezo, Tue Jan-22-13 10:17 PM