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Topic subjectRussell Westbrook is an asshole (swipe/video)
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2117515, Russell Westbrook is an asshole (swipe/video)
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Jan-22-13 03:59 PM
Hahahahah. Hilarious.


"Kobe Bryant has company. Denver has a new NBA villain, and he is Russell Westbrook.

Super mascot Rocky shoots backward half-court shots during a fourth-quarter timeout of every game. If he makes one, fans get free Qdoba queso. Well, Rocky’s final attempt appeared to be going in, but the Thunder’s Westbrook, walking onto the court, jumped up and blocked the shot. The arena erupted in boos and continued every time he touched the ball.

Then Rocky tried again during the next timeout and Westbrook, again, caught the shot, this time throwing the ball into the stands. The boos became deafening. But Westbrook seemed to feed off it, first flashing a villainous smile, but then firing a dagger of daggers. With 22.9 seconds left, and the Thunder down three points, he unflappably floated an arcing 3-pointer over Wilson Chandler, tying the game.

“Russell made a lot of friends here tonight,” Karl said sarcastically."

2117516, That's awesome
Posted by cantball, Tue Jan-22-13 04:03 PM
He was doing those fans a favor too.They should be happy they're not gonna eat Qdoba

Behold my works,ye mighty
2117519, While I agree, that queso is the only thing worthwhile there.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Jan-22-13 04:04 PM
2117753, Qdoba is awesome, but putting your crappy taste buds aside....
Posted by Lardlad95, Tue Jan-22-13 10:16 PM
The nigga took free food away from a crowd full of stoners.

That shit is cruel.

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..." -The Bard
2117779, No one needs shitty ass burritos in Denver
Posted by cantball, Tue Jan-22-13 11:17 PM
They got great Mexican food.

Behold my works,ye mighty
2117785, yeah Qdoba is disgusting
Posted by AlBundy, Tue Jan-22-13 11:28 PM
lol @ okps hyping that crap

“The other dude after me didn’t help my case. It was just like…crazy nigga factory going on.”
Dre makes no apologies for his own eccentricities. “I was young, and searching, trying to find myself,” he says. “Never did.”-- Andre B
2117521, to think there are people that don't like this guy
Posted by bshelly, Tue Jan-22-13 04:04 PM
2117523, I always respect people who play the villain role and own it.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Jan-22-13 04:06 PM
2117532, absolutely.
Posted by cgonz00cc, Tue Jan-22-13 04:16 PM
2117749, this.
Posted by Small Pro, Tue Jan-22-13 09:59 PM
2117526, awesome
Posted by soundsop, Tue Jan-22-13 04:09 PM
the comments on that thread are mad as shit, too
2117534, Was watching that game and it was Hilarious
Posted by UpNorth, Tue Jan-22-13 04:19 PM
That, and him telling the court side folks to:
'Sit yo' ass down'
2117563, In overtime
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Jan-22-13 04:53 PM
What did you think about the two moving screen calls made against OKC?
2117536, Lmao. Russy don't give an ounce of fuck
Posted by LA2Philly, Tue Jan-22-13 04:19 PM
Do your thing
2117558, 'm glad someone doesn't need to be friend
Posted by bshelly, Tue Jan-22-13 04:48 PM
not to be all bill simmons--if kd and bron and cp3 and alladem want to be friends, great, but i genuinely enjoy seeing a competitor who gives nary a fuck what the other guys think of him.
2117549, I support this fully.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Jan-22-13 04:37 PM
2117551, Link didn't work for me
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Jan-22-13 04:38 PM
due to work network blockage, but how mainstream is that linked article? I'm surprised a mainstream publication would reference the Kobester rape case so openly at the top.
2117553, I mean, it's a blog from NBA.com.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Jan-22-13 04:46 PM
2117555, Interesting. Thanks for the answer.
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Jan-22-13 04:47 PM
2117554, dat 'mort!
Posted by Basaglia, Tue Jan-22-13 04:47 PM
2117559, i am now a russy fan.
Posted by pretentious username, Tue Jan-22-13 04:48 PM
the ability to ruin thousands of people's days on such a small level, and actually go through with it is hilarious to me.
2117560, Not once, but twice.
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Jan-22-13 04:49 PM
2117568, RE: Not once, but twice.
Posted by pretentious username, Tue Jan-22-13 04:58 PM
yeah, he didn't even do it in a "i'm just messing with you, here's the ball back" kind of way, which would've been funny in and of itself. he really wanted to be a villain on the smallest scale possible.
2117564, This is excellent. Has anyone actually cashed in on one of these?
Posted by B9, Tue Jan-22-13 04:54 PM
Only one I've ever used is if the Braves score above 6 runs, you get the total amount off an oil change the next day. I've had loads of "free chalupa" or "free nachos" or "free curly fries" tickets that I've never even thought of using.
2117573, I've used the Jack In The Box tacos ones after Laker games.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Jan-22-13 05:00 PM
2117775, Cashed in a free "personal pizza" at Round Table a few times
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jan-22-13 11:07 PM
"Earned" them from promos at A's games. That was like 10 years ago though.
2117644, I mean maybe he's just making sure Denver stays eating healthy
Posted by celery77, Tue Jan-22-13 07:19 PM
2117648, Russell Raw Foods
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Jan-22-13 07:26 PM
is what he's called in the Oklahoma hoods.
2117652, "Get that shit outta here...ain't nobody eating tonight" (c) Russ.
Posted by Beezo, Tue Jan-22-13 07:35 PM
2117659, Awesome, this is like the kids trying to rob HRs at the derby
Posted by The Real, Tue Jan-22-13 07:46 PM
I think it was 2 or 3 years ago, cannot remember.


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2117660, http://cdn.faniq.com/images/blog/david_stern%281%29.jpg
Posted by melmag, Tue Jan-22-13 07:46 PM

2117772, lol
Posted by LegacyNS, Tue Jan-22-13 11:03 PM

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