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2117447, DELMON!
Posted by bshelly, Tue Jan-22-13 03:01 PM

Outfielder Delmon Young has agreed to a one-year, $750,000 contract with the Phillies, Senior Vice President & General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. announced today. The contract includes performance bonuses.

Young, 27, batted .267 with 27 doubles, 18 home runs and 74 RBI in 151 games for the Detroit Tigers last year. Against left-handed pitchers, he hit .308 (56-182) with a .500 slugging percentage and, defensively, made 29 starts in left field. In 13 postseason games, Young batted .313 with three home runs and a team-best nine RBI and was named MVP of the American League Championship Series.

“Delmon is an experienced major league bat who will add some depth to our relatively inexperienced outfield and another layer of competition for playing time there as well,” said Amaro.

The first overall selection of the 2003 First-Year Player Draft by the Tampa Bay Rays, Young is a .284 career hitter with 89 home runs and 482 RBI in 880 games for the Rays (2006-07), Minnesota Twins (2008-11) and Tigers (2011-12). He has made 526 career starts in left field, 156 in right field and 29 in center field. Young has batted .310 (281-905) in his career with runners in scoring position and .336 (115-342) in 89 career interleague games against the National League.

2117452, good riddance
Posted by cgonz00cc, Tue Jan-22-13 03:05 PM
he's not a national league player btw

your left field is going to be a gold mine of bloop singles and the L-C gap is gonna open for business

but at least he'll hit into a bunch of double plays!
2117468, Didn't he kill a guy with Trident?
Posted by gmltheone, Tue Jan-22-13 03:12 PM

Or was it just a druken anti-semitic rant in NYC?

Eitehr way it cost him 7 games. I'm pretty sure it was on deadspin.

Same as it ever was!
2117472, lol he did throw a bat at an umpire
Posted by cgonz00cc, Tue Jan-22-13 03:14 PM
2117480, Fun, right?
Posted by Walleye, Tue Jan-22-13 03:20 PM
What an odd career.
2117497, i'm so happy that explanation point belongs to me now
Posted by bshelly, Tue Jan-22-13 03:32 PM
2117487, DELMON?!
Posted by Drizzit, Tue Jan-22-13 03:24 PM
>and 29 in center field.

2117504, Incredibly, NONE in Minnesota
Posted by Walleye, Tue Jan-22-13 03:40 PM
Score one for Gardenhire.
2117539, -11.5 UZR in 29 games in CF, good for -53.5 UZR/150
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Tue Jan-22-13 04:25 PM
really small sample size, but wow that's gross.

2117494, "defensively"
Posted by cantball, Tue Jan-22-13 03:30 PM


Behold my works,ye mighty
2117495, Delmon in the NL? That is awesome.
Posted by ErnestLee, Tue Jan-22-13 03:31 PM
2117501, The best thing for him? 81 games in that bandbox Philly calls a park
Posted by cantball, Tue Jan-22-13 03:34 PM
The worst?

Citi Field,Turner Field and Nationals Park.

It might be worth the money to watch him play in Petco and Dodgers Stadium

Behold my works,ye mighty
2117514, .336 in interleague is relevant here.
Posted by Ceej, Tue Jan-22-13 03:57 PM
This should be great. I expect no less than 4 post negatively directly square at him throughout the season.
2117522, How much do you think he can single-handedly change team ERA?
Posted by cantball, Tue Jan-22-13 04:04 PM


Behold my works,ye mighty