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Topic subjectthey made the right move.
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2117420, they made the right move.
Posted by Guinness, Tue Jan-22-13 02:40 PM
i was saying to wait and see what he does this season -- but getting the deal done early probably saved them $4 a year. if they can get *some* kind of discount on bynum due to giving a long contract to a guy with health concerns, they could be looking at two marquee players who are relatively underpaid.

absolutely don't like ducksauce for (roughly) $7 mil next season and $9 the year after. at least the second of those is a team option. considering hawes and kwame also come off after next season, i would say the 2014 offseason is when the sixers would be able to make a real move.

jrue, thad and bynum is a good foundation, just too bad the cash saved on jrue is more or less going to jrich for the next two seasons after this one.