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Topic subjectdamn zach, bad number argument
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2117267, damn zach, bad number argument
Posted by thejerseytornado, Tue Jan-22-13 01:08 PM
>1. It's very hard to argue Rondo has been better than Holiday
>this season. The only pieces of evidence are these: Rondo is
>shooting 48.7 percent, compared to 45.8 percent for Holiday,
>and he's dishing two more assists per game.

A:T ratio also...lol.

>Beyond that, it's all Holiday. The shooting percentage gap
>vanishes when you consider Holiday is hitting 37 percent from
>deep an above-average number on three attempts per game,
>grabbing a much larger scoring role in Philadelphia's
>offense,1 and getting to the line more than Rondo.

like, say, TS% records? they're practically equal (.52 to .526) and we're talking about 1 more FT per game here. considering Holliday also attempts 5-6 more shots than rondo, per shot, they get to the line the same amount.

>Holiday has also been especially good in the clutch, shooting
>20-of-45 in the last five minutes of close games as Philly's
>only reliable creator. He single-handedly destroyed Toronto on
>Friday at the end of regulation and in overtime to cement his

rondo's "clutch" stats are actually better (net points + 11 vs. +4. Worse O-rating, but much better D-rating), even as his team has a worse record. rondo's shooting is equal in both fg% and TS% in the clutch and has better passing numbers. small sample sizes, this is effectively a push, although rondo's not the clutch scorer, he's the overall equal as a player on the floor during "clutch" time. sorry he's got Pierce as the main scorer.

holiday's deserving. but this argument is kinda bad.

It's only funny till someone gets mad. Then it's hilarious.