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2117765, RE: for the purposes of this argument
Posted by FILF, Tue Jan-22-13 10:41 PM
>they played at the same time, and if shaq had been 5 years
>later in the league duncan might have a few less titles,

More like Elmo would have had more chips, y'all musta forgot '99. Shaq didn't win a chip until his 8th year in the league, Elmo already had 3 by the end of his 7th. 3 of the 4 time Elmo's team didn't win the champions were the Shaq/Kobe 3peat teams. So, Elmo might have had more than 3 and if you take into account the 2000 post-season which he missed due to injury, Shaq/Kobe 3peat might have been a 2peat considering the Blazers had them down and out and the Spurs owned the Lakers during the 99-00 season.

Bottom line: Shaq was a late bloomer, Elmo was already in prime form from the day he was drafted. Thus, had Shaq and Elmo been in the same draft class, Shaq best years would have come after Elmo had become king of the hill.