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2117165, Duncan: best big man over 30Ömaybe under (partial swipe)
Posted by 85SOUTH, Tue Jan-22-13 12:12 PM
Itís sad no one is touching my manís skill level and complete game today.


At age 36 Duncan is putting up per game numbers that only one other guy his age has ever matched, with the caveat that Hakeem did it in just 50 games in a lockout shortened season while playing almost six more minutes a game. Duncan's per 36 minutes numbers of 20.5 points, 11.5 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 3.2 blocks are unprecedented for a 36-year old. Only Abdul Jabbar and Olajuwon have put up similar numbers after 30.

Those figures not only stand out when placed against former players. This season only Duncan has per game numbers that exceed 17 points, nine rebounds, 2 assist and 2 blocks. His defensive rebounding is elite, he's second in total blocked shots, and he has the best individual defensive rating in the league, according to Basketball-Reference.