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Topic subjectman, you just leapfrogged into my top 10% of poasters w/ these 2 replies.
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2117315, man, you just leapfrogged into my top 10% of poasters w/ these 2 replies.
Posted by poetx, Tue Jan-22-13 01:35 PM
>written off to divisional rivalry/hate/etc?
>To be clear, I'm not one of them square-hat wearing cats who
>are dying to jump up from behind a bush and holler out 'cism
>every time anything happens. But when I see it or anything
>like it, I'ma damn well say it. Hell...its OKP and I'm a
>random negro with a keyboard. I'd be a bitch if I didn't AT
>LEAST say it here. My facebook is pictures of me, my girl, and
>the youngin goofing off around town. This ain't that
>And yes...some of it could be written off as the Ravens story
>being a rough sell...'errbody play harder and better when Rev.
>Ray shows up to play and preaches a sermon, dances in
>situations where dancing is abnormal, and talks in a
>threatening type of loud whisper about weapons, mountains,
>god, and men'. Like that 'your mama telling you to sit down in
>church' voice. It is all abnormal to most people. It is also
>that 'leave the door open so folks can see' Southern blackness
>that is seldom seen in these situations. Some folks call it
>ghetto because they don't know where else to file it.
>Whatever it is, seeing it IS jarring and yes, in some cases, a
>little bit on the extra side. And folks are going to feel some
>kinda way about it. I like it BECAUSE it is jarring. It breaks
>up the typical Madden 2013-style celebrations and the clean
>cut, and in many cases, 'fake' story that these leagues tell
>us about these players/teams/organizations. It breaks up the
>cliche. It is sloppy. It is enjoyable to me BECAUSE it isn't
>marketable, so it is at least a little more honest to me EVEN
>WHEN Ray goes into extra mode. And it is something that we
>won't see every year because there's only so many teams in
>sports like the Ravens.
>It reminds me of early Wu Tang...just a bunch of sloppy but
>talented as hell dudes doing their thing whether the camera is
>on or not. Sure, they had their Rays who hammed it up too, but
>it was the same type of thing to me.

folks can agree or disagree. that's whatever. but i love how you worded it and put it down.