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2116876, cism? Yep...cism...
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Jan-22-13 12:12 AM
All about the cism...'my White ass Patriots lost to the Colored Convicts Express'. Folks would say that if they had real guts. But they don't...

I get into this with white cats at work all the time. A few of them have said things like...'I don't like the Ravens...I just don't know why'. My immediate reply: 'It is because the main players on the team are black as hell black dudes. No Kobes. No MJs. No Tigers. Just semi-menacing-looking black dudes...talking loud, dancing, preaching, cussing, not shaving, etc, etc...y'all haven't grown up around that. Y'all don't know anybody like that. And anybody you've seen like that was on a TV show as a goon...'

Just like that...no filters. No sugar. No nothing. I say it to them just like that. At first, there were laughs and denials. Eventually though..there was lowkey admitting that I was spot-on. When they still want to argue, they go to Ray dropping sermons, being overtly emotional, the incident years ago, etc.

I'll admit that I give Ray the side-eye from time to time, but hell...who am I kidding...I know Ed Reeds and Ray Rays...I'm from Houston...somewhere in the middle between South Park and Woodlands Houston. Acres Homes. My family on both sides are from country town-Louisiana. My extended family of friends are from small-town Louisiana, Tyler, New Orleans, Arkansas, and the Sipp. Clearly, I know some southern, country, black as hell negroes. And even I think 'c'mon Ray...quit dancing mane', so I can only imagine what white ass white people think when they see husky, dark, and mean-looking black dudes hugging extensively, talking loud, crying, randomly cussing, praying, preaching and dancing on national TV. They are probably terrified and turned off! It isn't the cleancut, humble guys with the 'awww shucks' face, 'I couldn't do without the guys' then walk-off, high-fives, whoooooo!, Tecmo Super Bowl-style celebration. I'd rather that be admitted than mofos acting like they care about some 10+ year ago incident where folks can't even tell you the details after they bring it up ('Well...didn't that guy kill somebody?'), marital statuses, # of kids, etc, etc. But folks don't have the sack to admit that in public. Maybe they don't even understand how off they are because they are rolling with the 'lowkey cism' program. *Ray Lewis dance*

Jimaveli: Oh...and athlete families, friends, and freaks need to STFU in general.

>miss hooters international 2005 doesn't think ray-ray is a
>very good role model.
>Wes Welker's wife critical of Ray Lewis on her Facebook page
>The Baltimore Sun
>1:57 p.m. EST, January 21, 2013
>Anna Burns Welker, wife of New England Patriots wide receiver
>Wes Welker, posted some not-so-nice things about Ravens inside
>linebacker Ray Lewis on her Facebook page after last night's
>AFC championship game, according to a post on TheBigLead.com
>On her Facebook page Sunday night, Burns Welker said: "Proud
>of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored,
>please go to Ray Lewis' Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives.
>Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of
>fame player! A true role model!"
>Welker had eight catches for 117 yards and a touchdown in the
>Ravens' 28-13 victory, but he dropped a critical third-down
>pass in the third quarter when the Patriots led, 13-7. The
>Ravens scored the game's final 21 points to clinch their
>second Super Bowl appearance in team history.