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Topic subjectTHE KRAKEN IS DOWN! Ryan Kelly's foot is hurt. Again.
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2107601, THE KRAKEN IS DOWN! Ryan Kelly's foot is hurt. Again.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jan-09-13 06:52 PM
Sidelined indefinitely, definitely won't play Saturday against NC State.

Seeing as how we were by far a worse team without him last year in the ACC/NCAA Tourneys, and he's been playing some of the best basketball of his career, this is obviously a crushing blow. Especially preparing to face a team as big as State is.

Here's hoping Amile Jefferson and Marshall Plumlee are ready by this weekend. Hit those whey protein shakes, boys. :-\
2107607, no depth = Loss to Terps
Posted by grandmasterfletch, Wed Jan-09-13 06:58 PM
shame too, Kelly was playing inspired ball.
2107611, We have depth, just not size depth.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jan-09-13 07:09 PM
We don't play Maryland in College Park til after Valentine's Day, so here's hoping it's just a couple of weeks. I'm not too worried about facing any ACC opponent in Cameron Indoor without Kraken.
2107920, RE: THE KRAKEN IS DOWN! Ryan Kelly's foot is hurt. Again.
Posted by DredScott, Thu Jan-10-13 12:03 AM
honestly, i hate to see any Duke players hurt, i'll take an injury now rather than later to a key player.

if Kelly misses an extended period of time this opens up an opportunity for Murphy, Jefferson AND MP3 to get minutes and establish our weak ass bench cause if we are counting on hairston to be our other primary post presence then we're fucked come March anyway. I'm cool with losing games early and getting the youngsters experience cause we gonna need their depth later or else Duke will flame out late like we always do when our rotation is cut to 7 deep come late Feb.

as long as this ain't a kyrie situation with Kellys foot then I'm straight. fuck trying to go undefeated, that pressure isn't needed. just win the ACC, get a top 2 seed in the tourney and be healthy by then and we're good.
2108033, I gotta agree here.
Posted by 85SOUTH, Thu Jan-10-13 09:39 AM
I want him healthy at tourney time.
2108048, RE: I gotta agree here.
Posted by Walter White, Thu Jan-10-13 10:14 AM
He's the definition of a glue guy. Nothing but respect for his game. One of those 4-year college players who gives his heart and soul but will never play anywhere once the Duke juice wears off.

2108080, bet he's on an NBA this time next year
Posted by Basaglia, Thu Jan-10-13 11:07 AM