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Topic subjectfirst 8 yrs of Kidds career between 27% & 37%
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2106853, first 8 yrs of Kidds career between 27% & 37%
Posted by themaddfapper, Tue Jan-08-13 11:46 PM
last 8 between 34% and 46%

no need to wait till he's slowing down, like kidd said he did. Do it while you can still get past people.

He needs a teardrop or a stop and pop. Something 5-8 feet out. Because his reluctance to take that shot has him make some bad jump passes.

he played good d on ron artest, tied up nash in the paint. he's good at snatching the ball from bigs bringing the ball down below their waists.

im still stunned there was a fire morey contingent. i had zeke n scott layden. *shudders*