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Topic subjectyea those changes usually come over seasons and not in season
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2106834, yea those changes usually come over seasons and not in season
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Jan-08-13 11:27 PM
yea when he makes a jumpshot or two his confidence goes up and he attacks the rim with abandon. His turnovers have gone up the past 2 weeks. He's taking too many risks with the ball. Sometimes its guys dropping passes, but as pg he has to know which guys he can give the ball to in which situations--so thats still on him to some extent.

He's hands down the best outlet passing pg in the league but easily the worst post entry passing pg in the league. Dude puts so much air on his post entry passes that a defender ALWAYS at least gets a hand on it. Shit is atrocious.

Wanna talk about his on the ball defense though.He plays solid/good d every night and challenges shots. When he gets beat he works hard to recover. Even that night Kyrie went off, I thought he did a good job of making Kyrie work to get the shots off.