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Topic subjectTues NBA 1.8.12
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2106449, Tues NBA 1.8.12
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Jan-08-13 02:38 PM
Small slate of games with an "intriguing" LA vs HOU matchup on NBATV

PS if you need a podcast to listen to checkout the BS report from 1/4. Steph Curry and DLee were in studio with Simmons. It was a great listen. The guys were surprisingly candid and were with Simmons for an hour.


BK @ PHilly another fun atlantic battle. SHould be interesting on the heels of teh sexual assault case. At the very least it means someone on the Nets was partying til 4am

Mia @ Indy Indy been playing better lately. Miami still not completely firing. Tonight I would bet 2 gazillion dollars on the Miami ML hoping to recoup some of my losses from that OKC debacle last night.

PHX @ MIL- First game since Skiles fired. Interested to see how the Mil rotation changes.

ATL@MINN- IF Atl was in the west they'd be Minn. If Minn was in the east they'd be ATL.

Lakers@Hou- Classic betters trap game. Team with stars covers the spread I expect a close game even though we need to blow the Lakers out so we can rest for NO tomorrow. Lakers will be able to run with us for awhile with their small team, but if we keep running and limit mistakes, we should be able to run past them.

Go Rockets: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8371/8360439304_39216e39e2_o.gif