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Topic subjectEven assuming that's true,
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2106413, Even assuming that's true,
Posted by yoose2lurk, Tue Jan-08-13 02:03 PM
what does that have to do with my original point, that
it's now 85 vs. 85 as opposed to 105 vs. 65? This point
was made in reference to the previous dynasties of
the 40s (Notre Dame) and 70s (Bama). Not sure what
the rules were in the 90s.

If you're butt hurt at saban and Bama's success just say that.
But you're getting nowhere here. I don't know why people don't
just learn from saban and try to apply his process to their lives.
That's what I plan to do. The guy is an amazing example of
superb discipline and focus and organization. Don't hate, appreciate.