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Topic subjectTorn Labrum: Out 1 week minimum
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2105178, Torn Labrum: Out 1 week minimum
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Mon Jan-07-13 03:50 PM
Im guessing its more. This is pretty convenient since Lakers will be missing one of their "best guys" for this tough week ahead.

Maybe they can get some addition by subtraction Andrea Bargnani going....

Dwight Howard (shoulder) has been diagnosed with a torn labrum and will miss at least one week, according to Mike D'Antoni.
We're viewing the 'one week' timetable skeptically until we know more about the injury -- most labrum tears don't require surgery, but the type and severity of the tear will ultimately determine Dwight's return date. Jordan Hill (hip) and Pau Gasol (concussion) will miss at least the next two games, which leaves L.A. threadbare in the middle. Antawn Jamison will be forced into heavy minutes, and we may see Robert Sacre called up from the D-League.