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Topic subjectkobe's never actually controlled it
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2104953, kobe's never actually controlled it
Posted by D_Tox151, Mon Jan-07-13 12:38 PM
>i think kobe has less control over his alpha male gene than
>any major sports figure ever, including jordan. jordan could
>at least turn it off to mug for the camera. kobe, it just
>seems that as he's grown up, he can't ever turn it off.
>kobe might be the most fascinating sports figure of my
>lifetime. dude is just a different kind of cat.

he had fisher and odom during the championship years to do the whole 'leadership' thing. he really doesn't have anybody on the team to do that right now. nash sure isn't going to step to kobe.

i hate to say it, but if the season keeps going this way, its going to be a huge stain on his legacy, despite the ridiculous numbers he is still putting up in his 17th year.