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Topic subjectLet's not make this about me, guyz
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2104929, Let's not make this about me, guyz
Posted by ZooTown74, Mon Jan-07-13 12:20 PM
I honestly believe that Bean is trying to "toughen" D-12 up, for whatever reason

The problem with that is twofold: a. Dwight doesn't need toughening up; b. there's no "good cop" like D-Fish (*glares at Mitch*) or Phil to counter Kobe's "bad cop" routine in the locker room

I really didn't like when before the season Kobe talked about how he was going to tamper down Dwight's playful nature because he had to get him focused in order to win a title... and of course now Kobe's talking about how it's "good" for everyone to "get chippy"... it's like, cmon son... let that boy cook...

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