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Topic subjectRE: Your understanding is an act of grace and charity
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2104866, RE: Your understanding is an act of grace and charity
Posted by Call It Anything, Mon Jan-07-13 11:19 AM
>>Then there's Jack Morris and Lee Smith. I couldn't vote for
>>them, but I think I understand why other people do.
>Actually, I get the Smith thing. It's people who don't want to
>answer the question "what do we do with high-leverage
>relievers?" with "treat them like part-time players" even
>though that's probably the best answer. What I'd be curious to
>see is the overlap between people who cast votes for Smith and
>Fingers and Gossage and Eckersley, etc. and people who
>wouldn't vote for, say, Edgar Martinez. I suspect it's more
>substantial than it should be.

On that note, I really hope that Billy Wagner touches 50% when his time comes. I don't necessarily think that he's a HOF pitcher, but I think that he's every bit as good as Lee Smith was at what he did.

>I understand the Morris thing because the people who think
>Jack Morris is a Hall of Famer keep using words to explain
>their argument and I can read words if they're typed in
>English. That's the limit of my understanding. In the category
>of "right-handed starters who once wore a Twins' uniform" he
>wasn't even the best on the 2012 ballot.

Every year now I look at the list of Opening Day starters and see who is adding to their HOF resume.