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Topic subjectYour understanding is an act of grace and charity
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2104857, Your understanding is an act of grace and charity
Posted by Walleye, Mon Jan-07-13 11:10 AM
>Then there's Jack Morris and Lee Smith. I couldn't vote for
>them, but I think I understand why other people do.

Actually, I get the Smith thing. It's people who don't want to answer the question "what do we do with high-leverage relievers?" with "treat them like part-time players" even though that's probably the best answer. What I'd be curious to see is the overlap between people who cast votes for Smith and Fingers and Gossage and Eckersley, etc. and people who wouldn't vote for, say, Edgar Martinez. I suspect it's more substantial than it should be.

I understand the Morris thing because the people who think Jack Morris is a Hall of Famer keep using words to explain their argument and I can read words if they're typed in English. That's the limit of my understanding. In the category of "right-handed starters who once wore a Twins' uniform" he wasn't even the best on the 2012 ballot.