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Topic subjectRE: This was another good part of Posnanski's piece
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2104853, RE: This was another good part of Posnanski's piece
Posted by Call It Anything, Mon Jan-07-13 11:01 AM
>I'm good with Raines, Trammell, Martinez, Walker, Bonds,
>Clemens, Piazza, Schilling, McGwire, and Biggio. I wouldn't be
>upset with McGriff, Palmeiro, Sosa, or, actually, Kenny
>Lofton. It's kind of a relief to not have to order all of
>those guys and then leave some off.

Sounds right. The way I see it, PED issues aside, I think Bonds, Bagwell, Biggio, Clemens, Piazza, and Schilling are so far above the line that it shouldn't be an issue. Although the first person that I told that to said that he wasn't sold on Schilling.

Including that, the 14 guys that you listed were guys that I could vote for and wouldn't be upset if they were listed on a ballot.

Then there's Jack Morris and Lee Smith. I couldn't vote for them, but I think I understand why other people do.