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Topic subjectPlaying time was also a big issue with Walker
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2104841, Playing time was also a big issue with Walker
Posted by Call It Anything, Mon Jan-07-13 10:41 AM
He's right around 8,000 PA. That puts him in the Duke Snider/Kirby Puckett realm. Another two guys that don't make me feel warm and fuzzy about comparisons. I go back and forth on him.

For the moment, I have Walker in. But I think he might be the first guy that I jettison when the ballot starts getting crowded.

My old college roommate was a member of the BBWAA. He moved over to football and decided that he wasn't going to keep up his BBWAA membership. I pleaded with him to keep it for ten years and even went so far as to write him a check for the dues.