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Topic subjectSoE: Joe Posnanski's HOF ballot
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2104799, SoE: Joe Posnanski's HOF ballot
Posted by Walleye, Mon Jan-07-13 08:35 AM
Too long to swipe. I did like this though:

"There is no question that Walker's home-road splits are over the top:

Home: .320/.374/.546
Road: .277/.330/.459

But still oh, wait, those aren't Larry Walker's home-road splits. Those are Jim Rice's. Sorry.

Home: .348/.430/.637
Road: .278/.370/.495

Ah, right, those are Walker's splits. But since those are just super-sized versions of Jim Rice's splits anyway -- and Rice just got voted into the Hall of Fame -- I don't think they are disqualifiers. Walker was a terrific all-around player who stood out in a crazy offensive era."