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Topic subjectThat dude was hot and exasperated at the same time
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2104770, That dude was hot and exasperated at the same time
Posted by ZooTown74, Mon Jan-07-13 02:15 AM
"Something's rotten on this team, and I can't figure it out... whether it's in the locker room or what... this team doesn't believe in themselves, they don't believe in one another..."

And he pretty much wanted to say, "All that shit they're talking is bullshit" after every player interview

And he's 100% right, he's been 100% right since October, just as Kurt has been when he's been doing the games

Also, the Twitter segments with Andy Adler are a complete waste of everybody's time, especially since the Tweets don't say much of anything

Everybody knows that the best way to Attack The Media Status Quo™ is... by posting on a message board!