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Topic subjectShits true though.
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2104328, Shits true though.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Sun Jan-06-13 06:47 PM
Daniel comes back, gets to work on his game and gets play all he wants. Goes higher in the draft and is more prepared to play in the NBA.

Waiters wasn't the 6th man because there were stars in front of him, it was because Jimmy B thought he helped more scoring off the bench.

If Dakari comes off the bench, it'll be because we have players who are actually better than him.

Cal doesn't care if your a Freshman or not. WCS right now comes off the bench for most of the year, and started last game, because he's playing well.

WCS could go 1st round this year, but is coming off the bench for pretty much the whole year except for the last game.