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Topic subjectobvious this was the end result
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2104069, obvious this was the end result
Posted by thejerseytornado, Sun Jan-06-13 12:50 PM
I'll take the Josh Smith consolation prize. If Smith gets into better shape, he's the better player next season. that's a BIG if, obviously.

anyway, the timing is the one thing that disappoints. He was going to be a spring signing and then announced for UK right after Smith committed to the hoyas. Bird in the hand means there's no way the hoyas could have not taken Smith but it makes you think the hoyas actually had a (small?) chance to steal Dakari from UK*.

*also, not sure he's ok with coming off the bench--that was his main concern re: Cuse when he had his top three. and the timing makes it pretty clear Josh Smith's signing was the last straw re: g'town's chances. there definitely was time in georgetown's front court for Dakari even with Smith, so not sure about that claim re: coming off the bench.

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