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Topic subjectThe Greatest Recruiting Class Ever? Dakari Johnson, #1 Center in 2013...
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2104055, The Greatest Recruiting Class Ever? Dakari Johnson, #1 Center in 2013...
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Sun Jan-06-13 12:27 PM
commits to the University of Kentucky.

IMO it was a great choice.

He doesn't have the ESPN highlight bounce, but has great hands, nice jumper, good feet.

Dakari doesn't care if he comes off the bench.

Kentucky has now landed the TOP PG in the class. the TOP SG in the class, the 2nd ranked SG in the class, the TOP Center in the Class. And we also got another PF who's looking like a low budget Anthony Davis clone.

Still some more big fish out there we're looking at.

Andrew Wiggins of course.

Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon.

We get one more and this shit is a great achievement. Then we can rock out to 2014 which will be equally promising.