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Topic subjectalso variance in salary over the course of contracts
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2104211, also variance in salary over the course of contracts
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Jan-06-13 04:48 PM
there is little ticky tack crap like ELC and minimum salaries tweaks but the variance of salary is big.

the big market teams and players won a small victory as the salary can vary up to 35% from year to year, i believe. that is way up from the 10% (a la NBA) the owners had pushed for. the biggest year of the deal and the smallest can only have a 50% variance though, so no more of these ridiculous deals with a $12M season and a 500K season.

that needed to happen. they really fucked up with the whole "average cap number" thing, vis a vis market competition and roster continuity it was a real elephant in the room. if the league had any balls they would have been using their discretion (was in the CBA) to be crush those deals from day one. they did not want to step on the toes of their big breadwinners though.