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Topic subjectHEY JESSE, WE'RE BACK!
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Posted by RobOne4, Sun Jan-06-13 07:43 AM
2104010, details
Posted by RobOne4, Sun Jan-06-13 09:21 AM
CBA Length: 10 years (8 year opt-out)
Final Cap Hit: 64.3m
Contract Lengths: 7 years (other free agents), 8 years (your own).
2 Amnesty Buyouts per team before season 2013-2014
2104011, YES!!! My Blues can get back to work.
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Jan-06-13 09:22 AM
2104013, In the end I think it was a fair deal, just a shame that it took forever
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Jan-06-13 09:39 AM
If we are throwing around blame, I think the owners started way too low and from there it was two guys doing their dirty jobs at the top of both parties.

The 2005 agreement was much longer in the making plus it cost a season and it was much worse. It's probably the main reason we had this stoppage. Too many concessions made in desperate times. The players gave a ton off the top, the owners gave them too much revenue share in return and, significantly, the small market owners made way too many concessions to the bigger market ones to keep them on board.

I am glad we will see an end to these bloated ass contracts, those were just absurd. The two buyouts will mean some get out of jail free cards for the big spenders and take some of those deals off the books.
2104016, yep...I'm looking at the Blues roster right now for amnesty possibilities
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Jan-06-13 09:45 AM
2104021, they are maybe the last team i could see using a buyout
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Jan-06-13 10:14 AM
first off they are way under the cap anyway but beyond that they have almost all home-grown guys and team controlled contracts. even the guys that aren't in those groups like Jackman and McDonald are very good values. Pollak makes OK money but he did a good job on defense last year. obviously they have to ear mark some money for pietrangelo's extension but overall their money situation is excellent with a lot of very manageable contracts.
2104015, WHOOO
Posted by Marauder21, Sun Jan-06-13 09:44 AM
Between the Vikes loss and Kevin Love probably needing surgery, I needed some good sports news.
2104022, I love that Parise is finally out of a Devils' uniform
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Jan-06-13 10:15 AM
I can't stand when my favorite guys go to rival teams, it's such an annoying feeling.
2105081, man, eff you.
Posted by magilla vanilla, Mon Jan-07-13 02:44 PM
This is worse than Scotty Gomez in a Ranger jersey. Or Niedermayer on the damn Ducks.
2104024, i only care because i miss playing NHL fantasy on fanduel
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Jan-06-13 10:57 AM
i don't "love" hockey, but i'm happy it's back.
2104086, Bout fuckin time.
Posted by MadDagoNH, Sun Jan-06-13 01:09 PM
I need me some Bruins.


2104110, Huzzah! It'll be an interesting year.
Posted by God Loves Ugly, Sun Jan-06-13 02:06 PM
Some interesting things in the new CBA...

2 amnesty buyouts in the next couple years. The cap lowering a little bit soon. Seven and eight year term limits.

2104211, also variance in salary over the course of contracts
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Jan-06-13 04:48 PM
there is little ticky tack crap like ELC and minimum salaries tweaks but the variance of salary is big.

the big market teams and players won a small victory as the salary can vary up to 35% from year to year, i believe. that is way up from the 10% (a la NBA) the owners had pushed for. the biggest year of the deal and the smallest can only have a 50% variance though, so no more of these ridiculous deals with a $12M season and a 500K season.

that needed to happen. they really fucked up with the whole "average cap number" thing, vis a vis market competition and roster continuity it was a real elephant in the room. if the league had any balls they would have been using their discretion (was in the CBA) to be crush those deals from day one. they did not want to step on the toes of their big breadwinners though.
2104125, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Crash85, Sun Jan-06-13 03:01 PM
2104213, props
Posted by LegacyNS, Sun Jan-06-13 04:49 PM

<---- 5....

Occupy Big Government..

Fannie, Freddie dole out big bonuses
2104804, Go Sabres.
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Jan-07-13 08:46 AM
2104994, January 19th 48 game season n/m
Posted by RobOne4, Mon Jan-07-13 01:38 PM
2105036, Honestly, I think that should be the length anyway
Posted by magilla vanilla, Mon Jan-07-13 02:17 PM
I feel like the 82 game season is too much, especially when you tack the playoff length onto that. I know it would put the majority of the season in competition with the NFL, but a 48 game October to February (roughly) season with playoffs through March/April would be just right.
2105272, It would be incredible.
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Jan-07-13 04:38 PM
Regular season games would mean so much more.

100% more to be exact.
2105274, yup, it's basically the exact number of games as the '94/95 season
Posted by Bombastic, Mon Jan-07-13 04:41 PM
which was tremendous (well, until Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals that is).
2105907, the problem is the packing it in to this amount of time
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Jan-08-13 12:45 AM
if they had a 48 game sched they could have way fewer three in four nights and back to backs in general. they would have full camp also.

this is going to be really intense.
2106611, I thought it was a 48-game schedule?
Posted by Bombastic, Tue Jan-08-13 06:50 PM
>if they had a 48 game sched they could have way fewer three
>in four nights and back to backs in general. they would have
>full camp also.
>this is going to be really intense.
2106697, yeah it's about the right number of games in the time frame but ...
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Jan-08-13 09:13 PM
virtually no training camp, a number of injuries (guys playing overseas and shit) and a sprint to the finish. it's going to feel fast and grueling.
2105923, if that was the case the Kings wouldn't have won it last year
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Jan-08-13 01:24 AM
I dont think its to long. But that's probably because I grew up a baseball fan and I'm used to insanely long schedules. I wouldn't mind those 82 games taking place a little quicker. Sometimes there are like 4 days off between games.
2105909, y'all the only ones that I have seen care
Posted by kingjerm78, Tue Jan-08-13 12:47 AM
2105948, wings. bitches.
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Jan-08-13 02:54 AM
2106606, No play between conferences
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Jan-08-13 06:39 PM
Makes sense. But I look forward to catching an east coast team live every year.
2106621, Could make the playoffs even more intense though
Posted by Marauder21, Tue Jan-08-13 07:10 PM
This will be interesting
2106609, Are you guys gonna go to games this season??
Posted by Crash85, Tue Jan-08-13 06:47 PM
Besides Charlie and Rob (I assume you're going opening night)... I don't plan on going to any games this season... Don't really have interest in it right now... I'll definitely watch all the games I can, either in a bar or at home... But I really don't want to give any money to the NHL...
2106622, Probably not
Posted by Marauder21, Tue Jan-08-13 07:11 PM
We'll see, maybe if I can come up on some cheap tickets. Also, I hate driving to St Paul and having to pay for parking. But who knows.
2106631, RE: Are you guys gonna go to games this season??
Posted by God Loves Ugly, Tue Jan-08-13 07:42 PM
Only a game that someone gave me tickets to. I know there's been a lot of lip service about not supporting the NHL the same way... but for me, it'll certainly take some time to want to spend any money on it.
2106646, yes but I will not purchase any tickets
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Jan-08-13 07:59 PM
I will only use my father inlaws company tickets. My first lock out so I am not as pissed as others here. I was going to buy my wife a jersey year. I think she might have to wait. Unless can find one on ebay. I am not giving them any money this season.
2106699, you mean apart from work? yeah, sure, why not?
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Jan-08-13 09:16 PM
i will pay to see selanne, i won't let some petty crap rob me of that. any southern california playoffs i'll work, finals, too. i can't really see buying playoff tickets, if the flyers go deep i'll pick up some cheap work for those games, too.
2107915, Brian Burke fired, replaced by Dave Nonis yet again
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Jan-09-13 11:55 PM
Nonis is just laying in wait every time lol. Sudden. Oh well, I would have liked to see Burke sink with the ship.

I wonder if this was over Luongo. The organization wants him, Burke doesn't, that seems to be the consensus. I bet it's going to be some messy trade with a bunch of interchangeable parts that winds up being Luongo for a second rounder or something.
2107945, I feel bad for Luongo man
Posted by RobOne4, Thu Jan-10-13 12:50 AM
he is constantly getting shit on by his team, fans, and now a team that wants him. Sad for a guy that is an above average goalie.