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Topic subjectHe's top 3 if not the best finishing guard at the rim
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2103951, He's top 3 if not the best finishing guard at the rim
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sat Jan-05-13 11:46 PM
>Hell he might be top 3 in the whole NBA. Dude has sick body control and always finishes at the rim after contact. Itll be a play where if its Jeremy Lin I'm just happy he's getting a call and getting to the line to get 2 shots. Kyrie finds a way to hang, get to the line, and make the shot. Its not like a one time thing, it happens multiple times a game. Then there's that pull up jumpshot thats just wet. Part of the challenge with having that talent will be to be a team player/winner.

His passing and vision isnt as bad as some people on here want to act like. He finds guys fine. Sometimes he goes into hero mode, and its understandable considering his teamates, but hero ball is also a hard habit to break out of even when you do start getting teamates.

The defensive criticism again isnt really warranted. The amount of pick and roll ball played in the league these days gusy dont get beat 1 on 1 AT LEAST 50% of the time. You get caught on a screen. Theres things Kyrie and Jeremy can do to read screens better, but overall its about help principles and team defense.

Tonight for Jeremy was one of those games that didnt look bad if you bobby'd the game but he really only played well in that 2nd qtr, and that was because he hit his jumpshot. He still has to go harder to the rim and take the layup.