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Topic subjectJoe Webb is gonna Whoo-Ride!!!!!
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2103753, Joe Webb is gonna Whoo-Ride!!!!!
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Sat Jan-05-13 05:37 PM

2103755, lawd
Posted by CherNic, Sat Jan-05-13 05:38 PM
2103758, I'd be more worried about Joe Webb than Christian Ponder, that's for sure
Posted by Bombastic, Sat Jan-05-13 05:40 PM
I'm still mad about freezing my ass off at the Linc back in 2010 when the Eagles blew a bye in the playoffs due to that dude coming in & balling on them.
2103762, this is Joe Webb's chance to show he should be their QB...
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Sat Jan-05-13 05:44 PM
I got a feeling he's gonna play well...
2103790, I could see it but Rodgers & Company got this one
Posted by Bombastic, Sat Jan-05-13 06:40 PM
>I got a feeling he's gonna play well...
2103761, I could have sworn he already whoo-rode (whoo-rided?)
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Sat Jan-05-13 05:43 PM
Like his rookie year or some shit
2103767, he did. In Philly. On a Tuesday Night (game postponed from snow).
Posted by Bombastic, Sat Jan-05-13 05:56 PM
2103814, he hasn't thrown a single pass all season. I consider this whoo-ride
Posted by Rjcc, Sat Jan-05-13 07:12 PM


www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2103806, this has kinda been my secret wish all week
Posted by pdafunk, Sat Jan-05-13 06:58 PM
joe webb is the only new thing we can throw at the packers this week. he's the only wrinkle we've got after the last two games against them, and i don't see ponder repeating his last week's performance. but this is a high risk, high reward situation, so i hope webb doesn't fuck it up.
2103827, tho Ponder played well last week, this def gives Minny a better shot
Posted by rjc27, Sat Jan-05-13 07:33 PM
2103830, So, Joe Webb hands the ball off well=whooride?
Posted by B9, Sat Jan-05-13 07:36 PM
2103832, game thread.
Posted by Drizzit, Sat Jan-05-13 07:38 PM
make it so, mods.

not sure how i feel about this ... i remember ponder's last visit to green bay all to clearly, but the way he manned up last week.

guess we'll see.
2103848, Vikings going All-Black Everything...Again, lol
Posted by kayru99, Sat Jan-05-13 08:03 PM
2103855, doan belee me juh watch.
Posted by poetx, Sat Jan-05-13 08:17 PM
I came in here to call the whoo ride