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Topic subjectyou aren't paying anyone but Gordon fam
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2106502, you aren't paying anyone but Gordon fam
Posted by FromTheGo, Tue Jan-08-13 03:56 PM
you get MAD AS FUCK over that suck ass team lol...

yall dumb asses are paying Rashard Lewis to get a ring in Miami lol...

next season you don't have ANYONE on the payroll...you can afford Rudy easily.

He only has 3 years of "bad" contract, but you still are under the illusion that people will want to come to NO for some reason.

after next season, LA and a host of other teams will have money free and be competing for free agents

My Bulls are straight homie, so forgive me for talking shit, but you guys fucking suck and will suck unless you make some sort of bold move.

of course I don't understand how basketball works and New Orleans certainly does, running off their coach who is grooming Kyrie and running off their best player, who MAY be facing Rashard Lewis in the finals this year...