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Topic subjectCouldn't agree more.
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2106261, Couldn't agree more.
Posted by Kajun, Tue Jan-08-13 12:28 PM
I've hurt my finger tips typing on Hornets boards to idiots who want us to trade for this guy. I consider his contract to be one of the 5 worst in the league based on return of investment. I called this when he signed that deal that it killed Memphis' legit title hopes.

And yet it still makes sense in a perverse way for the Suns. They whiffed on Gordon last summer and Sarver is such a joke he just wants a name player to suit up. Its only 2 more years on his deal, and really Sarver would rather be a middling team with a quasi-star than a full on tank-rebuild one.

If Memphis got Dudley and picks for Gay Hollinger deserves a fucking medal.