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Topic subjectdogg, if i offended you that deeply, just fuckin inbox me
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2104977, dogg, if i offended you that deeply, just fuckin inbox me
Posted by Basaglia, Mon Jan-07-13 01:08 PM
that goes for ANY of y'all.

but, you can't be coppin pleas now talkin about some divide and conquer bullshit when y'all niggas was throwing around drop squads, self-hate and uncle toms. like, nah, nigga...fuck that. y'all went THERE off top. i ain't never said ALL THAT shit about any nigga here, yet, given my history of posting here and hearing my opinions on my podcast (if you're so inclined to listen), y'all saw fit to come at me like that? over a joke I admitted was careless? it's all good to question my integrity and character in the context of ANY sports shit...i don't care. because, frankly, i be twisting, ignoring, downplaying and cysing shit to make my side of the argument look better on a lotta these topics (we all do), but don't take it offline and act like you have insight as to what kinda man i am, dogg. going too far and doing too much.

nah...these agendas be gettin in niggas feelings and niggas lose sight of shit and make shit personal.