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Topic subjectI understand you have your own personal issues that came out in...
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2104894, I understand you have your own personal issues that came out in...
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jan-07-13 11:38 AM
that Ron English post but we don't need to go there.

That Cam post was dumb, you've alternated COPPING PLEAS, apologizing and explaining it. Just let it go and hope people forget and eventually falls off the board. Your little Tyrod Taylor crusade is cute. You just started posting about football 2 years ago. I've been talking about ALL black qb's since I've been posting here. Prior to that your football posts were limited to calling T.O. a "greasy lipped black nigger" and you liked seeing Toby Gerhart run over "dark skinned blacks with gold teeth and dreads" or some bullshit like that, I don't what that's all about, again I think it goes back to personal issues.

In the big picture I don't really give a fuck about anything on this board, but it does bother me a bit to see dumb shit proliferated. Y'all think its all jokes, throwing around the N word on a board full of predominantly white posters even though you probably wouldn't do it in a room full of white people IRL. Throwing it around casually online along and some of the other things y'all "joke" about desensitizes people to those kinds of things can fool the wrong people into thinking that kind of thing is "cool" or "funny" and cause them to slip up IRL and get fucked up.

i think we should dead this, I've never really been big on the whole "divide and conquer" shit. I've said my piece so you know where I stand.