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Topic subjectThe black preacher brigade in here don't even like black people
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2104746, The black preacher brigade in here don't even like black people
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon Jan-07-13 12:46 AM

Truth mostly supports black athletes that he
wants to fuck

Can't really speak for Warren, because honestly,
I usually like what Warren has to say (believe it
or not) and have generally stayed out of his way
on the boards for whatever reason

The Cam Newton shit was Truth's downfall though

I was cysing Cam tough at Auburn, talking about
his throws, mechanics, everything

Truth didn't get on board until he saw Cam in some
tights, nigga was posting about how fine Cam was on
David Letterman

If he like dick, that's fine, but he sorta ruined himself
trying to act like supportive black preacher after that

When I decided to criticize Cam for acting like
a stupid ass NIGGER on the Gruden show, the black
preacher defense brigade came in (note that you disagreed
with me too, but not like you just jumped out of a hot

Meanwhile I was also riding for Tyrod Taylor in that
SAME draft class, who I though was a poor man's Russell 3X,
good enough to start in this league (I was right; he's
Flacco's backup already despite being drafted as a wide

Black preacher brigade had NOTHING to say because there's
nothing to gain by supporting Tyrod Taylor

That's why I don't take none of that shit serious, cuz
it ain't got to do with loving no black people

Maybe you are right...maybe its all agendas

>niggas love joking about duke's preppy, uncle tom, high-yellow
>black players like it's just normal, but the minute i mention
>every official pic jrue has ever taken looks like a young
>uncle ben...i'm the problem now? I'M THE PROBLEM? lmao...man,
>what can i say?

I can't

I can't

Nigga stop


I can't nigga


Oooohhh shhhiiiitttttt

>like everything...this is now about agendas. truth know why he
>mad. i know why he mad. he being salty.


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