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Topic subjectman, it's all in the game
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2104738, man, it's all in the game
Posted by Basaglia, Mon Jan-07-13 12:33 AM

>Like Basa wasn't in here talking about the racist
>Madden ratings back in the day and then turning
>right around calling the North Carolina PGs "dark butts"
>Btw, the "dark butt" comment literally gave me odd
>electrical activity in my brain, my shit shut down
>for a few minutes
>This nigga said "dark butt"

niggas love joking about duke's preppy, uncle tom, high-yellow black players like it's just normal, but the minute i mention every official pic jrue has ever taken looks like a young uncle ben...i'm the problem now? I'M THE PROBLEM? lmao...man, what can i say?

like everything...this is now about agendas. truth know why he mad. i know why he mad. he being salty.