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Topic subjectWhite racist stupidity should be exposed ..... for one...it's funny...lol
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2103808, White racist stupidity should be exposed ..... for one...it's funny...lol
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Sat Jan-05-13 07:01 PM
White people stewing and marinating in the juices of despising of Black people is honestly one of the more empowering and entertaining things happening right now....

it's hilarious....

why keep it to yourself....Share it with those of us who are eating birthday cake on it's grave everyday...lolol..

>an anonymous handwritten letter is some shit to be thrown in
>the garbage. that letter shoulda been in the garbage after the
>first couple sentences.
>i believe she put it up because she felt it was her only
>recourse to get back at someone with ZERO identifiers who
>wrote something about her that hurt her feelings.

putting shit like that out there exposes ignorance...and in this time...it should be exposed...it allows for people to make informed decisions about how to live their lives....

Some folks don't believe..or want to believe that mentality still exists...

some people like yourself feed their inadequecies by co-signing that type of stuff..

people should know about this stuff for various reasons....