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Topic subjectFor the record, I completely disagree with Basaglia
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2103684, For the record, I completely disagree with Basaglia
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sat Jan-05-13 02:40 PM

I understand his stance: wrong priorities, black people
getting up-in-arms about the wrong shit, etc. I agree with
the spirit of his feelings on it.

But I think this is not a case of that and I appreciate
Jemele Hill for sharing this.

Mostly because if you look at Jemele's response, she's
not enraged. She's mostly popping shit and looking down
at the author of the letter, exactly the way Basaglia
said we (black people) should respond.

She's not using the letter to cry about her job or how hard
black people have it or how hard she has it; she posted it
because its honestly Cro-Magnon funny. Its no different than
a bartender at my favorite cigar bar showing me a letter a
woman left for her where she called her a "Cunt" for not
serving her a drink after final call the other night.

And in general -- its never wrong to tell the world how
silly and dumb racist people are. Basaglia's problem is
when we rally around dumb stuff like that and/or use it
to define the black experience. I agree with him there.

But telling the world how dumb these racist crackas are
is always relevant. Always. Always. You wanna send some
shit to her? GOOD! She gonna POST and we gonna CLOWN.

Same way with people collecting those Hunger Games tweets,
and those Boston Bruins tweets. Tweet it! GOOD! We gonna
make fun of you. We gonna PARTY on your dumbass.

As for Jemele Hill as a journalist: if you honestly think
shes any worse than most white men on the job, you're sexist.
End of discussion.

Her worst crime is being a mushmouth, talking too much about
things she's not an expert on, authoring some silly opinions.

Sound familiar?

And her strengths are fantastic: her breakdowns of complicated
issues are usually quite good. Her ego is among the lowest of
any sportswriter and she writes quite well.