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Topic subjectWinning cures everything.
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2103050, Winning cures everything.
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Jan-04-13 12:51 PM
And they (both the Wolves and Steph) would have been in a better position to win more if he'd stayed.

>Minnesota was inept. They wouldn't have been able to afford
>KG and Steph and build any type of team around those two.

Most, if not all, of the dumb moves came after Steph left in an attempt to give KG something to work with. Hence the Joe Smith signing debacle (which you allude to below). And it wasn't their fault Malik Sealy got killed by a drunk driver.

>Didn't Minnesota lose a draft pick cause of some underhanded
>deal too?

The Joe Smith debacle was them signing Smith for under market value in attempt to sign more players. Extremely stupid, and against the rules.

>Steph had a great career and probably doesn't regret much.

That's a different post. I don't think Steph had a "great" career, but probably and rightly doesn't have many regrets. He made millions, saw the world, and did what he was best at on the biggest stage possible. Dude lived the dream. That goes for great players how never won a chip, role/bench players and championship teams, or guys who spent three years in the NBA and bounced. I'm just saying he had the chance to be a part of something that could have been great, and passed it up because he wanted to be "the man" on the team.