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Topic subjectyou judge whether or not it was worth it by the outcome...
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2102775, you judge whether or not it was worth it by the outcome...
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Thu Jan-03-13 08:18 PM
>Hindsight is hindsight.

to pretend like the outcome didn't happen..or ignore it just shows a lack of desire to deal in the facts of what happened.

>You're right Eddy's overall tenure was horrible, I'd rather
>have what we wound up trading agreed.
>But I'm saying we needed a big we had a PG, and SG, and a PF
>we needed a 4, they thought all the pieces were in place and
>we would be giving up low draft picks. They were wrong.
>All I'm saying is it was worth the reach at the time

If you needed a big...you could have drafted one. Or if you wanted to trade for one...make it a trade that doesn't mortgage your teams future...or trade for a guy who was an established ball..not on potential.

It was not worth the reach at all..

in fact....

go back over the last decade and show me another team that traded away more than 1st round pick for ANYTHING!!!!

you'd have a tough time finding a comparable trade before or since. The reason for that is that...particularly in Basketball..trading draft picks is super risky. teams just don't do it..and to see why they don't do it...look at the curry deal.

what's really a reach is to look at guys after they have left the Knicks and claim it as some sort of victory for the failed Knick executive that brought them to the Knicks....and also coached them to results far short of what they are doing now.

Isiah Thomas as a major sport executive sits at a table next to Matt Millen.